Hi Pat ,
I took your CPR AED class yesterday with Marianne as our instructor . She was also the instructor when I took this class at your location two years ago. I have to tell you I was so happy when I walked in and saw her again . As many people do , I take this class every two years . Marianne is absolutely wonderful and always manages to teach you something new and valuable no matter how many times you take CPR . I can’t ever imagine taking this course anywhere else and will pass along the recommendation.

Thanks ! Lisa S.

Dear Pat:
I completed the Adult, Child, Infant CPR, AED, First Aid class today, given by Maryann and her assistant Connor. This was the third, almost consecutive time I have taken the class at your company and for good reason.

Maryann was extremely knowledgeable and professional. What made the class more interesting and a pleasure to sit through was her upbeat personality and encouragement for class participation. This class left me feeling more confident that I can successfully administer CPR, AED or First Aid to anyone in need, following the safety precautions and proper administration of the techniques I learned.

I would confidently recommend your organization to those interested in learning life saving techniques and look forward to re-certification in a couple of years through ATCLI.

Mary Madonna
Smithtown, NY

I completed the BLS course yesterday and I learned so much!  I would like to especially commend the two instructors, Maryann Rieger and the man who worked alongside her.  They were efficient and effective teachers and very involved with making sure everyone had the correct technique.  They certainly stressed the importance of effective CPR.  
I am a petite person so I had difficulty with the adult mannequin that was designed to simulate a 175 pound person.  I was much more successful with the child and infant mannequins.
Barbara Klaritch-Vrana
Assistant Professor
Touro College School of Health Sciences

Hi my name is Claudia Blasi, and I had the privilege to register on June, 14 for the CPR and AED Training Program. My instructor’s name was Thomas Henry and this is what I have to say about him:

I have taken many technical training courses in the last few years and Thomas Henry is by far the best instructor I have encountered. His knowledge of the subject matter is excellent. He provided a great deal of useful information from his own experiences and professional work. He managed the training class very well, applied good tactics to the subject matter being discussed and deferring off-subject discussions until the end of class.  I really got a lot out of this training class because Mr. Henry kept it fast paced with lots of good explanations and clear examples. Practicing CPR and the Heimlich maneuver on mannequins as part of the training, was an awesome and challengeable experience . This class is going to be very important to my job in the next year and I am very thankful that I had an instructor of Henry’s quality. To conclude, I am hoping to take the next advance CPR training course in the near future and I will be looking for Mr. Henry to teach this class as well. Mr. Henry has experience, wisdom, and abilities. He is a gifted instructor. Very impressive.

Excellent job!!
Thank you very much!
Claudia Blasi

Our employees have been trained by multiple trainers on various locations, and each and every employee was dreading taking this class again, but all left excited and more knowledgeable then they have ever been!

The class was great, and all of my employees said what an amazing trainer Tom was, and how much they all learned compared to the last classes they have taken. I look forward to using your company for our renewal next year!

Thank you so much for everything! Diane

I just wanted to let you know that I have received numerous compliments on Tom. I told Tom that the Tuesday class loved him and I just heard from some of the employees from last night. They told me they have never been to such an “interesting” CPR class. Thank you so much! Sincerely, 
Donna Cannon
North Babylon Community Youth Services 

As a physician, I have taken numerous BLS courses through the years. This course was by far the best. Tom was an excellent instructor. He did not just regurgitate information that an online course could provide, but gave the reasoning behind many of the AHA protocols making it extremely easy to understand and ultimately, put to memory. After that course, I feel prepared for my health-care responsibilities relating to basic life support. It is a safe and smart investment of time and money. Denice Franco

Tom makes learning fun. This is the second time I’ve been in his class and I always come away learning something I can use in my practice. Thanks and stay well yourself. Jackie

My daughter Nicole a massage therapist and I had the pleasure of meeting Marianne last night 11/5/2015 for our BLS recertification. I am a Registered Nurse. Marianne was so informative,engaging and kept the pace going. Thank you. Probably the best BLS recertification i’ve ever participated in.

Mary-Pat Lyons ans Nicole Sellars

I took a BLS class on February 16, 2015.Our instructor was Marianne.The class was excellent.She presented the information precisely and made it easy to internalize and remember. I’ve been taking CPR and BLS classes for forty years and hers was one of the best I’ve ever taken. Thank you.
Mom Gin

Tom is awesome and as soon as I got home to tell my wife how much i enjoyed my class she quickly recognized Tom’s name because he taught her CPR at her Job! It was pretty funny!
Thank you again for your time! See you at thr 18 hour! Michele

I thought the class was very good last sat. with MaryAnn. She gave some very good examples and kept everything moving. I would recommend advance. Pat Travis

I got my CPR certification at Advanced Training Center of Long Island and have to say it was one of the best classes I’ve taken; the instructors were very knowledgeable, friendly and informative and they kept the class fun and interesting. Would highly recommend them and will definitely return for future classes. Christina Lombardi

One of the most enjoyable classes (BLS for Healthcare Providers) I’ve ever taken excellent training with a perfect balance between the class room instruction and practical application the instructor was knowledgeable and you could tell he was not just presenting the material but explaining it. …with just enough humor to help the time go by and keep us awake(it was a night class) I’m looking forward to training there again and I am interested in the cpr instructor course you offer any information you could forward would be greatly appreciated.


Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know last night’s instructor was excellent. I have been doing my BLS renewals at Huntington Hospital and they do not come close to the training I have rcvd yesterday. She was excellent and I plan to renew with you going forward. It is a shame you guys do not offer ACLS!  
Take care and have a great summer. Sonia Acosta 

Hi Pat,
I just want to thank you for helping me out the way you did I really appreciate that very much, we need more people like you in this country.
God bless you and thanks again….Ron Mello

I would like to take a minute to commend Maryanne for doing an excellent job in teaching the CPR Class on Sunday. She was precise, professional and easy to follow. I am not local but this is the second time I have taken this course with you as it was the best experience I have had, better than any other place I have used in 41 years of nursing. Sincerely Yours,
Mary Manzi

Patricia, Thank you guys for a great and informative class. Marianne was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Good afternoon,
My name is Laken. I attended the CPR and First Aid course Saturday, June 23rd. I just wanted to thank you!! I would highly recommend your training to anyone, and I have already given your information to coworkers. Tom is an excellent instructor. He is engaging, dynamic, and thorough. I loved that he gave real-life examples of incidents which required the CPR and first aid training that he was teaching us. His son was also a great trainer!
Thank you so much for making the training so valuable and enjoyable. I will continue to refer your services!
Enjoy your summer!

Laken Vitale

The Advanced Training Center of LI held a CPR class at my home.  This class was the best CPR class I have ever taken (and I’ve attended others).  Tom was insightful, interactive and professional.  He made sure that all eight of us who took the class are able to accurately perform CPR and help someone if they are choking.  I highly recommend the Advanced Training Center of Long Island’s classes.  

Jamie Morgan, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist

I wanted to take a moment and express our appreciation for your organization, especially to our instructor Tom. From the moment he stepped foot into our home we felt his professionalism and enthusiasm. Tom was very patient and understanding with us, especially  my parents whose first language is Spanish.  Having 2 small grandchildren, ages 8 months and 5 years and another one on the way, my parents were very happy and appreciative to learn how to properly be there in time of emergency. As an expectant mother and aunt of 2 I was also very thrilled and appreciative. We all did not expect to learn as much as we did. 

 I am so happy I found you guys and I will definitely spread the word to others about you.

Thank you.


Karen Herrera

We utilized CPR Training NY for the Heartsaver CPR training for our employees.  We were thoroughly pleased with the service, quality of training and professionalism of Pat and Tom.

We look forward to working with them in the future!

Debbie Kaplan, HRD
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Hauppauge

Tom, that was a great class you gave last night. My son Liam and I really enjoyed it. It was a requirement for his life-saving badge, and he needs that to advance in Scouts. But I was just happy for him to get the training for everyday life. 

 Sincerely, Ed Shanahan

Tom was great!  He made the class fun and very enlightening.  I would recommend your training center to anyone.  

Kind Regards,

Valerie Maccone 
Sr. Accounts Receivable Specialist 
Dimension Data

Everyone in the class was so grateful for the class last night..  Tom was simply amazing.  There were people in the class that had taken a CPR class several times and learned so much more and really understood the methods and reasons..  He really seemed to care.  I am looking forward to recommending your center.  Everyone should take this class.  We’ll see you in the future for the first aid class.
Sincerely, Karen Peirce

Hi Pat, I really enjoyed the class, I have to say the teacher was very good. I work in healthcare and this is my third BLS certification and I learned more than I probably ever have in this class. Thank-you again for a great learning experience!! I would definitely recommend this place to others I know who may need to re-certify. Hope you all had a great holiday! I have been meaning to write this but have been busy myself with Christmas and finals!
-Jennifer Minniti

Thank you so much for all of your time and Tom was by far the best instructor I have ever had. I Great Great class I will never go anywhere else.  Happy holidays and healthy happy new year!

Kind Regards,
Thomas Turza Jr.
South Shore Tri Coach

We loved it – and Maria was excellent—my entire group really liked her. 
Pros—her!, the assortment of “dummys” (was really good to practice on both), the masks (never knew they even existed & thanks for mine!) 
Cons—None!  Except, it would have been great to offer a First Aid type component with the course.

Thanks so much for everything! 
Jennifer Pane-Abrahamson ;

I wanted to express our appreciation for the very accommodating and professional treatment that you and your staff provided to us here at Astoria Federal Savings during the CPR, AED and First Aid training sessions held on April 8th & 9th, 2014. Tom’s presentation was extremely well received by our employees because of his clear and concise delivery of information along with the humor that Tom interjected into these training topics. Several of the employees who attended the training sessions approached me today indicating that they thoroughly enjoyed the information obtained from Tom’s instruction.
Thank you again.

Dear Patricia,
The training session was excellent!!!! Lots of hands on work to bring the didactic information to life. Keep up the great work.
Virginia D’Addario  RN, MSN, CCM, CPHQ

What a great class! This was the first time our agency ever did something like this and it was a big hit.  Marianne had her hands filled with all the novices in the class … she was great.

Thank you again for all your help and I hope this is an annual class for the agency as many of them did not attend.

Have a great day.
Katherine Willets
Vice President, Personal Lines

I was in the cpr class Monday morning and the class was so wonderful I came for recertification and learned new things from the great instructors. they were very friendly and gave such helpful tips. I would definitely recommend this class to everyone thanks again! 🙂

I recently took the BLS course at your training center. The instructor Tom was informative and made sure we completed the BLS scenarios correctly. The instructor also explained as to why the CPR protocol was the way that it was. In the end, it was a good course and I learned a lot.


The 8 hour class was great and Tom was very knowledgeable and kept the class involved.
I would always come back for further training. Thank you
Adrian Weisbaum

I enjoyed the class very much! I learned a lot and had a lot of fun at the same time. Tom was a great instructor. I would definitely recommend taking a class at your facility.
Jillian Scholl